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Game 32 Results: Dirkless Daggers

A perfect metaphor

Final Score: Mavs 103, Thunder 93

Record: 21-11

Stat Leaders

Points: Durant with 28, Butler with 21

Rebounds: Tyson Chandler with 10, Ibaka with 9

Assists: Kidd with 10, Westbrook with 7

You could probably subtitle this post with this image:

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Thunder Photo of the Day

Photo of the day – Westbrook and Collison helping out 2nd graders lace up their new kicks.  Community working together, all the while a Wookie in need of a haircut looks on.

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The Scout’s Take

An excerpt from Marc Stein’s Weekend Dime.  The excerpt includes comments from NBA scouts around the league.

The Scouts’ Quarterly Report


Eastern Conference scout on Kevin Durant’s shooting struggles (42.4 percent from the floor and 27.7 percent on 3-pointers) and his tag-team partnership with Russell Westbrook:

“I have to believe it’s a blip. Obviously everyone is focusing a huge amount of attention on him [defensively]. Maybe it’s his knee being a little hurt or maybe he’s a little tired [from Team USA duty in the summer]. He hasn’t really been hurt before. But he’s just too good a player not to find a rhythm here soon.

“He’s also a guy who can do other things now. Get to the line, rebound. I’m sure after Turkey that everyone thought he was just going to overpower the whole league, but I’m sure he’s gonna get better as the season goes along.

“Their team’s pretty well-defined around Durant and [Westbrook]. That team’s been built around those two guys and not a lot of other guys who need the ball. If Westbrook was playing with a Ray Allen-type, it would be a problem because he’s not going to distribute the ball very well. If they added another scorer in there, he’d probably get frozen out.

“But Westbrook is such a great talent. How do you reel him in? He’s similar to LeBron in some ways. In the open floor, when he puts his head down, he’s as explosive a player as there is in this league. If you’re the other team you have to hope he’s not having a good shooting night.”


Game 23 Results: Hi KD, I Didn’t See You Come In

Final score: Thunder 111, Timberwolves 103

Record: 15-8

Division: 5-1

Stat Leaders

Points: Durant with 30, Beasley with 26

Rebounds: Kevin Love with 21, Durant with 11

Assists: Luke Ridnour with 9, Westbrook with 8, Durant with 6

Wow, I think I’m going to need some antacid medicine after that one.

For the first time this year (I think) I was actively getting angry at this team that I am devoting myself to.  It was a strange feeling, because I have not felt an emotional connection to an NBA team for a long time (with the exception of the Lakers; still hate them through and through).  Through two and a half quarters, I felt like I was subtly but openly despising what I was watching.  One of these teams has a record of 5-16?  You’d be forgiven if you guessed it was the team in blue.

How did I get there?

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12/7 Daily Links

Today’s round-up in light of last night’s loss against Rose, Boozer, and the Bulls.

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • I like the posture of the team in light of last night’s loss, especially in some of those quotes given by Durant and Coach Brooks.  They are the same kinds of quotes you hear from a team like the Spurs.  The comments also remind me of some of the Bill Parcels-coached teams in the NFL.  Parcels was a master at keeping his team emotionally stable, but not allowing them to get either too high after wins or too low after losses.  I also sense a deep trust that Brooks has with his players, perfectly modeled in this quote:

“I back him up 100 percent…I love Scotty. He does a great job for us, motivating us and always pushing us every day. So I’m just going to back him up whenever he does something.” – Kevin Durant


Game 22 Preview: Thunder at Bulls

Tipoff at 8:00PM EST

Analysis from Game 1

Game Preview

Key Players:

Derrick Rose: 25.7 ppg, 8.1 apg

Carlos Boozer: 14.0 ppg

Joakim Noah: 15.4 ppg, 12.2 rpg

Thus far this year, post play has been the Thunder’s bane of existence.  Regardless of whether that player is Paul Millsap or Brook Lopez, the Thunder have an uncanny ability to make them look like Moses Malone.

The Bulls appear to be a very well put together team capable of challenging the best of the Eastern Conference, regardless of what happens to the Carmelo sweepstakes.  Are they playing up to snuff?

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Westbrook Again Named Player of the Week

For the second time this year, Russell Westbrook was named the Western Conference Player of the Week.

Stoudemire, Westbrook earn NBA Player of the Week honors

Interestingly enough, Westbrook also shared the honors with Stoudemire for the week of Nov. 22.  Just like before, Westbrook earned the recognition with his play while Durant was out with injury.

OKC Thundercast

The LoudCity guys have ThunderCast #52 up and running. Give it a listen.

OKC ThunderCast #52: Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul?

Where do I fall on that debate?  Chris Paul still gets the edge from me, but the margin is shrinking.  I like the Bill Simmons trade test – if one team’s GM offered his player for the other straight up, is the response, “I’m hanging up now,” or is it, “I hate to give up my guy, but I’m willing to listen.”  As of today, if the Hornets offered Paul straight up for Westbrook, I’d be willing to listen.

12/3 Daily Links

Hopefully the Thunder kids are staying warm in Toronto today.  They try to stay perfect this season against the Eastern Conference on the road (6-1 record against East total).

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • The Thunder have endured more injuries this year than all of last year.  And yet, without Durant, they are 3-0.
  • The road is an interesting place to be for teams, and it effects the dynamic in a myriad of ways.  It seems to me that thus far this season, away games have helped the Thunder because it has forced them to build camaraderie and focus at a higher level than when they’re at home.  They’ve had bigger wins (Portland, Boston), played better defense, and had fewer turnovers when they are in the opponents’ gyms.
  • A few choice quotes from the above articles:

“He’s a very talented kid, but he works like he doesn’t have talent” – Coach Brooks on Westbrook


“I swear, 12th grade, he couldn’t dunk … he was barely dunking. He wasn’t doing nothing he’s doing now.” – DeMar DeRozen on Westbrook



Top 50 NBA Players

The folks at Sporting News revealed their top 50 players in the league, as determined by 76 “NBA types.”

Top 50 NBA Players

Kobe topped the list, while Lebron came in at #2, and Lebron’s teammate Dwyane Wade ranked #3.  As for #4? I wonder if these “NBA types” have been watching any games this year so far, because methinks #30 is a tad bit too low for their choice.

I don’t mind admitting that Kobe is #1, because it gives an excuse to repost this.