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11/22 Chat with Darnell Mayberry

If you missed it live, you can see the transcript here.

Power Lunch Chat with Darnell Mayberry


John Hollinger 11/18 Chat Excerpt

Jeremy (Portland)

Do the Thunder need to seriously think about moving Harden & Green for a better/more consistent player?

ESPN John Hollinger:

What are they gonna get for those two? I’d love to see them start Ibaka at the 5 and keep Green at the 4 — that’s a small team but it’s the only way they have enough floor spacing. As for Harden, he’s been a total mess this year. I think you have to see if he can get it turned around, because right now they won’t be able to get fair value for him.

Read the complete transcript here.

11/15 John Rohde Chat

John Rohde at the Oklahoman conducted an online chat today.  If you missed it live, here is the reproduction transcript.

John Rohde at the Oklahoman