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ThunderGround Radio is Up With Their First 2011 Podcast

Go check out the new podcast over at Daily Thunder.  They’re back with all sorts of fantastic observations, including the revelation that a leaky septic system is trifling indeed.

TGR #33: A Cheap Triple Double?

They first chime in on the Westbrook “controversy.” Aside from my “meh” perspective, here are a few more thoughts:

  • Why were the Hawks more upset at this perceived slight than they were about the fact that they lost?
  • At the end of the day, I feel like so much of the outrage is just for show.  On the vengeance scale, where does this register? A 1.2? And are they really going to do anything, the way the Pistons or Knicks from the ’90’s would do? No, of course not.  They all have too much vested in maintaining the status quo.  It was momentary bravado, and now it’s over. I hope the talking heads don’t cover this anymore.

The follow that up with something that Mayberry highlighted and I chimed in on – the TNT crew’s criticism of the Thunder.  So give the guys a listen and see how their arguments stack up with what Mayberry & I put forth.


ThunderGround Radio Podcast

The cats at DailyThunder have an all new podcast up today, so do yourself a favor and listen to it as you’re digesting the NFL today in eager anticipation for tonight’s game against the Suns.

TGR #32: Rich Thunder Fans = Happy Drunks

New DailyThunder Podcast

Royce and the cool kids at DailyThunder have a new podcast up.  Please give it a listen.

TGR #31: You benched our best player! with DJ Boom