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Thunder Insider, Episode 11

If you have a few minutes on this gloriously lethargic day before the evening’s shenanigans begin, give this week’s Thunder Insider a look.  This week, Kelly Crull is joined by Thunder broadcasters Brian Davis and Grant Long.  They talk a little bit about Durant’s post-game emergence, the upcoming challenges, and also a good look at the way the Thunder work when off the court.  Bonus points for Insider Mike Steeley appealing to Thunder Girls manager Carmen Butler’s nicer side.

Thunder Insider Episode 11


Thunder Insider: Episode 10

I’m late on posting this, but the weekly Insider show was released late last week.  Follow this link to take a look.  It adds some color and personality to a lot of the stories we’ve been reading about.

Thunder Insider: Episode 10

Thunder Insider: Episode 9

Over at NBA.com you can watch the weekly show that covers all things Thunder for the previous week.  I just discovered this little online show, so hopefully we (and by “we” I mean me and my massive ego) can bring it to you on a regular basis.

Thunder Insider Episode 9