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Tweets of the Day

An interesting little exchange between Kevin Durant and a few Thunder fans via Twitter. (Great catch by Royce at DailyThunder, and right on cue he takes the analysis much deeper)

To which Durant replied:

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Westbrook Checks his Mate

Right on cue, Royce Young touts the mini-exchange between Russell Westbrook and Kyle Lowry that I had described earlier.

The superb response to Lowry’s theft is heightened in drama by the fact that it was a key moment in the game.  This exchange was Westbrook saying, “Your soul is mine.”  (Perhaps)

h/t Royce Young

A Congolese and a Hoya Enter the Octagon…

I’d like to once again highlight one of my previous links, a strong piece by Royce Young at DailyThunder.

It’s Officially Time to Ask the Question

That’s right, Royce finally decided to propose to Jeff Green.

Not really.

Young’s analysis of the delicate chemistry that is both the player’s psyche and the team’s dynamic is a good one and appropriate to consider while we’re still early in the season.

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11/16 Daily Links

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • The “no lead is safe” story is an interesting one.  The NBA has always lent itself well to huge comebacks, simply by virtue of the 24 second shot clock.  It takes two to Tango though; a team won’t come back from a huge deficit simply by shooting lights-out.   It also has to be accompanied by great defense and/or complacency and passivity.
  • In this vein, I don’t think the Thunder’s comeback was purely a function of great shooting.  I think the great shooting was a byproduct of a much more fluid offensive scheme that opened up a lot of good looks.  I also don’t think it was limited to the 3rd quarter.  If you look back at the game, the flow started in the 2nd quarter, when Eric Maynor was running the show (Westbrook was in foul trouble). I think he and then later Royal Ivy need to get recognition for improving the offensive momentum.
  • The early season malaise appears to be subsiding, and the Thunder are emerging stronger having had to deal with the injuries and foul trouble.  They now have a potentially very deep bench.  The question will be how the players take to their roles, which are still being defined.