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11/30 Daily Links

Huge win last night on the back end of a double header.  The Rockets loss still stings, and may for a while as it could be a missed opportunity in the packed Western Conference.  The Thunder will be chasing the Jazz all season long for that coveted 4 seed and a home court advantage.  Every win matters. Every loss hurts.

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • I like that Mayberry saw a few of the things I did.  And not just because it is an ego stroke (which is nice) but that it also affirms my overall sense of perception (which is double-nice).
    • Westbrook set up Durant for the late game gimme, just because Westbrook knew that it was important to the overall team concept.
    • Sefolosha had some key leadership moments, which seems to mirror his growing confidence while on the court.
    • Harden had some strong spots.  He may not be playing like a #3 pick, but at least he’s bringing positives to the table.
  • Mayberry’s headline aside, he brings forth the truth about Durant’s defense in the 4th against David West.  West was really the only guy on the Hornets that had his quirky offensive game working, and Durant did an admirable job shutting it down.  I like Durant’s attitude – if one part of your game isn’t working, it is no excuse not to try in the other facets.

“This game is all about wins. And as a leader, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to win. I think that I did that tonight. That’s a part of my growth as a player.” – Kevin Durant

  • It never ceases to amaze me how much pro athletes like to play the video games of themselves.  I get the enjoying the games part; they’re young, rich, and have a lot of free time on their hands.  Certainly it strokes the ego.  If it were me though, I would think that the ways that the games fall short of reality would be more of an inhibitor.  For example, when I create my custom character, he doesn’t jump nearly as high or dunk as hard as I do in real life.  I’m like a Neo in hightops.

I Have the Power! – Week 2 Power Rankings

From around the NBA:

My take:  Right now it’s hard to place the Thunder above any of the teams that each of the rankings have stated.  If anything, I’d probably push the Thunder down a bit.  Right at .500, they should be middle of the road in the 2nd tier of teams.   Hopefully the next game will firm up exactly what they’re showing us through 2 weeks.