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I Have the Power! Week 9 Power Rankings

Rocky week for the Thunder.  Their big Christmas Day win was offset by a poor performance in a loss to NY and not quite having enough to beat the Mavs.  They have two very winnable games at home coming up (Nets, Hawks) before they have to trek to Texas to face the two best teams in the West, the Spurs and Mavs (again).

From Around the NBA:

    ESPN – Hollinger 7 (8) Scoring margin over the past 10 has increased.
    ESPN – Stein 9 (9) Defense still an issue, but Durant’s Christmas gift was sweet.
    NBA.com 8 (6) 11-2 record when they play at a slower pace than their team average.
    SportsIllustrated 9 (7) Free agent shooters brought in (Cook/Peterson) have not paid off.
    CBS Sports 9 (8) Fact that there’s a team in OKC is a reason NBA should contract.  Booo…
    ProBasketballTalk 5 (6) Knicks loss an anomaly due to 4 games in 5 nights. But the Mavs?
    Hoopsworld 6 (7) a knack for winning ugly.
    Hoops Karma n/a (10) n/a
    FoxSports 9 (8) Playing well, but still a few steps below the real contenders.
    Covers 10(8) Not a great week.
    SB Nation 6 (5) Quiet killer instinct, beating the teams they should.
    Dime Mag n/a (6) n/a

I Have the Power! Week 8 Power Rankings

Not elite yet; no, not after that Suns loss.  But they’re knocking.  They’re currently tied for 1st in the NW division, but it would be hard to argue that they’re better than the other top dogs in the west at this point (Lakers/Spurs/Mavs) or the duo in the East (Celtics/Heat).  Seven feels just about right.  Thunder-Jazz-Bulls; that’s a good debate right there.

From Around the NBA:

    ESPN – Hollinger 11 (11) The Suns loss was abysmal, and hurt their overall standing.
    ESPN – Stein 9 (9) Stein shocked at seeing the Thunder lose a close one.
    NBA.com 6 (6) Defense has improved, despite what the Suns loss might indicate.
    SportsIllustrated 7 (8) If you can’t stop the Suns in December…
    CBS Sports 8 (10) Thunder standing pat on the trade front. Encouraging?
    ProBasketballTalk 6 (8) Winning close ones; will it even out?
    Hoopsworld 7 (7) The slow start is a thing of the past.
    Hoops Karma 10 (8) Not impressed with their recent wins.
    FoxSports 8 (9) 3-point shooting and defense are the chronic issues.
    Covers 8n/a (6) Christmas is coming.
    SB Nation 6 (5) Maintaining playoff position.
    Dime Mag 6 (8) If only Durant would abandon the 3-ball.

I Have the Power! Week 7 Power Rankings

The prognosticators are seeing a surge in the Thunder this past week.  Give a look to see who is still better.

From Around the NBA:

    ESPN – Hollinger 11 (15) Rating is climbing, as is avg. scoring margin.
    ESPN – Stein 9 (8) So pretty.
    NBA.com 6 (8) If Thunder opponents want to protect the rim, caveat emptor.
    SportsIllustrated 8 (10) Ibaka is the man.
    CBS Sports 10 (12) Thunder consistent while others fall back.
    ProBasketballTalk 8 (9) Everyone seeing the Hardens these days.
    Hoopsworld 7 (8) Strong road play leads to home stand.
    Hoops Karma 8 (10) Coasting until big matchups after Christmas.
    FoxSports 9 (10) Durant/Westbrook top scoring duo.
    Covers 6 (9) Westbrook MIP.
    SB Nation 5 (5) Talent trumps all.
    Dime Mag 8 (7) Thunder will be entertaining some good scorers in the near future.

I Have the Power! Week 6 Power Rankings

The Thunder are still a solid tier below the elites of the NBA (Spurs, Celtics, and now the Mavs) but are holding steady.  Click through to each of the rankings to see how the top tier of the league is breaking down.

From Around the NBA:

    ESPN – Hollinger 15 (14) Avg. scoring margin still negative.
    ESPN – Stein 8 (9) Kids these days.
    NBA.com 8 (8) Only Cleveland has regressed more defensively.
    SportsIllustrated 10 (7) Westbrook leads the league in turnovers with 91, or over 4 per.
    CBS Sports 12 (8) Thunder searching for more consistency.
    ProBasketballTalk 9 (9) Fear the reaper.
    Hoopsworld 8 (8) As strong on the road as at home.
    Hoops Karma 10 (5) Searching for consistency.
    FoxSports 10 (7) Things still promising despite recent struggles.
    Covers 9 (7) Slippery.
    SB Nation 5 (5) Negative FG differential, point differential is zero.
    Dime Mag 7 (7) Distinguishing between Durant & Westbrook.

I Have the Power! Week 5 Power Rankings

Little movement for the Thunder this past week, with the exception of Hoops Karma.  Bigger movement is at the top of each ranking, so be sure to click through to each.

From Around the NBA:

    ESPN – Hollinger 12 (13) His metrics point to an uncomfortable meeting with unsustainability.
    ESPN – Stein 9 (8) LeBron & Westbrook have something in common.
    NBA.com 8 (8) Ranking prior to last night’s game, a ranking in which the Hornets were 1 spot ahead.
    SportsIllustrated 7 (8) Defensive expectations have not been met, but the team is showing signs.
    CBS Sports 8 (5) Upcoming Dec. schedule is soft; good time to surge in the standings.
    ProBasketballTalk 9 (5) Lament on missed opportunities.  Good teams blow out bad teams.
    Hoopsworld 8 (7) What a difference a conference makes.
    Hoops Karma 10 (5) Big drop.  Next chunk of the schedule looks soft.
    FoxSports 7 (9) Salvaging the back-to-back with the NO win was huge.
    Covers 7 (6) Remember where the team was a year ago.
    SB Nation 6 (6) Still have a negative point differential.
    Dime Mag 7 (5) Westbrook at the top of his game.

I Have the Power! Week 4 Power Rankings

Let’s take a walk around the online world to see where the Thunder fit in.

From Around the NBA:

    ESPN – Hollinger 13 (14) And yet still behind the Bucks, whom the Thunder beat whilst shorthanded.
    ESPN – Stein 8 (14) Ponders if Durant’s negatives are causing problems.
    NBA.com 8 (11) Note the wide disparity between the Thunder’s best O and best D.
    SportsIllustrated 8 (12) Westbrook getting the nod over Durant here too.
    CBS Sports 5 (15) Struggling assists team finally breaks it open with 29.
    ProBasketballTalk 5 (12) Swagger: Returned
    Hoopsworld 7 (11) Westbrook, team MVP?
    Hoops Karma 5 (13) Measuring the “right now” vs. the long term.
    FoxSports 9 (11) Talent is there, chemistry is not.
    Covers 6 (10) Staying power.
    Dime Mag 5 (8) Notes that Westbrook is at his best when he’s not the go-to.
    Huge push to the top third of the rankings this week.  I can’t wait to see how the Thunder hold up against the Mavs & Hornets.  Should be great to watch.

I Have the Power! Week 3 Power Rankings

From Around the NBA:

I think that, with their two wins against the Blazers and Jazz this past week, the Thunder have earned the right to be considered a top half team.  Their defensive improvement could move them into the top 3rd.   Right now the two dates I have circled are 11/19, for their rematch against Boston, and 11/29, when Chris Paul and the Hornets come to town.

I Have the Power! – Week 2 Power Rankings

From around the NBA:

My take:  Right now it’s hard to place the Thunder above any of the teams that each of the rankings have stated.  If anything, I’d probably push the Thunder down a bit.  Right at .500, they should be middle of the road in the 2nd tier of teams.   Hopefully the next game will firm up exactly what they’re showing us through 2 weeks.