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Online Chat with Mayberry

The Oklahoman’s chief Thunder man Darnell Mayberry held an online chat today.  If you missed it, follow the link to read through the transcript.  By and large, he urges patience for the Thunder faithful.

Power Lunch Chat Recap: Darnell Mayberry


Darnell Mayberry Online Chat

Today The Oklahoman’s Darnell Mayberry did his regular online chat with Thunder fans.  If you missed it live, you can view the replay transcript here.

Darnell Mayberry Dec. 13 Online Chat

John Rohde Online Chat

Oklahoman’s John Rohde chats with Thunder fans online this week.  If you missed it live, here is the transcript.

Chat with John Rohde

12/1 Hollinger Chat

ESPN’s John Hollinger fielded questions today in an online chat.  You can find the entire chat here.

Chat With John Hollinger

I’ve extracted the two Thunder-specific questions he fielded:

Question: Should I be worried about the Thunder? Their record (12-6) is solid but their point differential is, outside of the Knicks, the lowest of all teams with a winning record.

John Hollinger: I”ve been writing this since the beginning of the season: Everyone got completely carried away with that team. They’re good, they’ll make the playoffs, and they’ll probably go further than a year ago. But it’s not realistic to expect a team full of 22-year-olds to emerge as a 60-win team; the road is bumpier than that.

Question: Do you think Russ Westbrook should try to get KD involved more early in the offense like a CP3 or Rondo would, or do you think its better for the Thunder for him to be in attack mode all the time?

John Hollinger: It’s not like they’re ignoring Durant. Since Thabo and Krstic hardly shoot, there’s plenty of shots to go around for both of them at the start of games. Also, at this point you have to let Westbrook do his thing and live with the results, because that constant attack mentality is how he’s been so successful.

Bill Simmons 11/23 Chat Transcript

Simmons embarked on one of his marathon online chats at ESPN.com today, beginning at 1PM, and going to whenever he runs out of coffee.  Here are a few Thunder-specific questions:

(The entire script can be found here)

Question: The thunder team on the floor right now is the team we’ll be watching for the next five years right? No big additions?

Simmons: Yeah… probably. Although after watching Westbrook without Durant last weekend, I do wonder if we’re headed for a Stringer/Avon situation with them. Remember, Stringer was happy working for Avon and being the No. 2 until Avon went to jail… then he got a taste of running the show himself and was like, “I don’t need you anymore.” And that’s when the Wire unleashed the greatest 16-18 episodes in TV history. So… yeah.

Question: What’s the deal with Durant? He has some sort of Ewing Theory stuff going on. His +/- is bad and they beat the C’s without him.

Simmons: I thought the Zombies deferred to him too much in the first 3 weeks. Not his fault, not anyone’s fault, just a natural outcome of his Team USA experience and all the hype he was getting. They’ll figure it out. The one guy who seemed to legitimately thrive without him was James Harden, which made me wonder if he’s just not meant to be a role player – he might be someone who needs to be actively involved to be effective. I think he’s more of a scorer than a ‘stand in the corner like Trevor Ariza and wait to shoot threes” guy.