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New OKC ThunderCast

The trio has a final podcast for 2010.  This time out, they offer their New Year’s resolutions for the Thunder and the Thunder-faithful.  Give it a listen as you are floating through work today, filled with a mixture of holiday spirits and leftover ham.

ThunderCast #56: 2011 Thunder New Year’s Resolutions


New OKC ThunderCast

The fellas at LoudCity have a new podcast up.  Give it a listen as you mentally prepare to go to that special place in preparation for tonight’s game against the Kings.

OKC ThunderCast #54: So-So Sefolosha?

OKC ThunderCast

LoudCity once again has a new podcast posted for your listening pleasure.

OKC ThunderCast #53: The Curse of Serge Ibaka

OKC Thundercast

The LoudCity guys have ThunderCast #52 up and running. Give it a listen.

OKC ThunderCast #52: Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul?

Where do I fall on that debate?  Chris Paul still gets the edge from me, but the margin is shrinking.  I like the Bill Simmons trade test – if one team’s GM offered his player for the other straight up, is the response, “I’m hanging up now,” or is it, “I hate to give up my guy, but I’m willing to listen.”  As of today, if the Hornets offered Paul straight up for Westbrook, I’d be willing to listen.

OKC ThunderCast

The LoudCity guys have a new podcast up.


Give a listen to the OKC ThunderCast, Episode #50.