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Nick Collison Appears on NBA.com Podcast

Nick Collison, healthy and freshly minted, joined the Hang Time Podcast hosted by Sekou Smith.

Collison joins Smith around the 16:30 minute mark, so give it a listen.

Hang Time Podcast #35


  • Collison’s off the court lifestyle
  • Early season progress
  • Team chemistry
  • The strength of the home crowd
  • What it’s like being a high profile celebrity (key accessory -> shades indoors)

I Have the Power! – Week 2 Power Rankings

From around the NBA:

My take:  Right now it’s hard to place the Thunder above any of the teams that each of the rankings have stated.  If anything, I’d probably push the Thunder down a bit.  Right at .500, they should be middle of the road in the 2nd tier of teams.   Hopefully the next game will firm up exactly what they’re showing us through 2 weeks.