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The Scout’s Take

An excerpt from Marc Stein’s Weekend Dime.  The excerpt includes comments from NBA scouts around the league.

The Scouts’ Quarterly Report


Eastern Conference scout on Kevin Durant’s shooting struggles (42.4 percent from the floor and 27.7 percent on 3-pointers) and his tag-team partnership with Russell Westbrook:

“I have to believe it’s a blip. Obviously everyone is focusing a huge amount of attention on him [defensively]. Maybe it’s his knee being a little hurt or maybe he’s a little tired [from Team USA duty in the summer]. He hasn’t really been hurt before. But he’s just too good a player not to find a rhythm here soon.

“He’s also a guy who can do other things now. Get to the line, rebound. I’m sure after Turkey that everyone thought he was just going to overpower the whole league, but I’m sure he’s gonna get better as the season goes along.

“Their team’s pretty well-defined around Durant and [Westbrook]. That team’s been built around those two guys and not a lot of other guys who need the ball. If Westbrook was playing with a Ray Allen-type, it would be a problem because he’s not going to distribute the ball very well. If they added another scorer in there, he’d probably get frozen out.

“But Westbrook is such a great talent. How do you reel him in? He’s similar to LeBron in some ways. In the open floor, when he puts his head down, he’s as explosive a player as there is in this league. If you’re the other team you have to hope he’s not having a good shooting night.”



I Have the Power! Week 3 Power Rankings

From Around the NBA:

I think that, with their two wins against the Blazers and Jazz this past week, the Thunder have earned the right to be considered a top half team.  Their defensive improvement could move them into the top 3rd.   Right now the two dates I have circled are 11/19, for their rematch against Boston, and 11/29, when Chris Paul and the Hornets come to town.

I Have the Power! – Week 2 Power Rankings

From around the NBA:

My take:  Right now it’s hard to place the Thunder above any of the teams that each of the rankings have stated.  If anything, I’d probably push the Thunder down a bit.  Right at .500, they should be middle of the road in the 2nd tier of teams.   Hopefully the next game will firm up exactly what they’re showing us through 2 weeks.