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11/17 Daily Links

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • I like the attention Collison is getting so far this year, and how it has translated to a renewed intensity on the part of the Thunder, specifically with their interior defense.  He highlights the reality that, sometimes, stats don’t tell you anything at all about what players mean to their squads.  But when you watch the team before and after, it’s easy to see the impact.  Consider guys like Rick Mahorn, Charles Oakley, and PJ Brown.  It is difficult to pinpoint any statistic that says they should matter, and yet they did in very measurable ways.  Collison is the same way.
  • Greg Oden and Yao Ming: two guys whom the NBA desperately needed and were betrayed by their bodies.
  • Luis Scola might be the goofiest #1 scoring option in the league.  No, wait.  We still have White Mamba.