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New Loud City ThunderCast

The guys at Loud City have a new podcast up.  Go give it a listen.

OKC ThunderCast #55: Dallas Mav-wrecks

Their podcast today is really just one of their guys, Brent, speaking on his feelings regarding the end of the Mavs game.  It is a good podcast (go here if you cannot hear it but want to see what he’s saying) and the issue of how the Mavs players acted down the stretch is something I also have been pondering.  Particularly, it seemed out of character from the guys who participated in the showing up of the home town team.

Here is what I think I know from years of observation:

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OKC ThunderCast

Check out the guys at LoudCity and their new ThunderCast, posted today.

OKC ThunderCast #51: Boos and Charity