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Billionaires of the NBA

Forbes sports and money is back with more in-depth profiles of the men who bring you the NBA franchises.  You can read the full story by Forbes here.

Fitzgerald: “The Rich are different from us.”

Hemmingway: “Yes, they have more money.”

*I know this is apocryphal, but I like it all the same

Owner Team Net Worth ($B) Notes
Mickhail Prokhorov NJ Nets $13.4 The white knight entrusted to bring the franchise to Brooklyn.
Paul Allen Portland Trailblazers $12.7 MSFT co-founder also owns the Seattle Seahawks.
Philip Anshutz LA Lakers $7.0 Owns 1/3 of the Lakers. Trying to bring NFL team to LA.
Richard DeVos Orlando Magic $4.3 Knows how to sell stuff.
Mickey Arison Miami Heat $4.1 Made a little wager this summer. Perhaps you heard of his Decision.
Stan Kroenke Denver Nuggets $2.7 Will fall off this list as he divests the Nuggets so that he can purchase the St. Louis Rams.
Mark Cuban Dallas Mavs $2.5 Don’t forget how awful the Mavs were before Cube showed up.
Glen Taylor Minnesota Timberwolves $2.2 Made fortune in data storage.  Also hired Khan. Perhaps a wash.
Michael Heisley Memphis Grizzlies $1.6 Looking to sell.  May have discovered there are no Grizzlies residing in TN.
Herbert Simon Indiana Pacers $1.25 Bought Pacers for $11M, which today couldn’t even get you a decent G550 Gulfstream.

Source: Forbes.com



Best Bargains in the NBA

Forbes is back with another look at real value in the NBA. This week, they take a look at:

The Top 10 NBA Players for the Buck

Player Wins Produced Value ($M) Salary ($M)
LeBron James 27.2 $46.5 $15.8
Kevin Durant 19.7 $33.7 $4.8
Rajon Rondo 17.0 $29.0 $2.1
Jason Kidd 19.6 $33.6 $8.0
Gerald Wallace 19.4 $33.1 $9.1
Marcus Camby 18.5 $31.6 $7.7
Dwight Howard 22.3 $38.0 $15.2
David Lee 15.5 $26.5 $7.0
Lamar Odom 14.6 $25.0 $7.5
Al Horford 12.7 $21.8 $4.3

Source: Forbes.com

The methodology that was used for Forbes’ Most Overpaid List was also applied here, and computed by sports economist David Berri.  All calculations are based on last year’s numbers, so any new contracts or extensions that kicked in this year are not accounted for in this analysis.  The actual calculation is still solely in Mr. Berri’s mind and laptop (and possibly Deep Thought), but what you need to know is this:

  • NBA clubs spend an average of $1.7 million per win.
  • Player contribution to each win is a function of points, rebounds, turnovers, steals, assists, and shooting % per team possessions.
  • Multiply the wins produced by 1.7, and you get the actual value of the player to the franchise.

Pretty good deal.

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Highest Paid, Overpaid

Forbes came out with a few interesting lists about NBA players.  Let’s take a look.

Highest Paid Player Salary ($M) Overpaid Player Value
Kobe Bryant $24.8 Rashard Lewis $248,000
Rashard Lewis $20.5 Jermaine O’Neal $5.3M
Kevin Garnett $18.8 Elton Brand $576,000
Tim Duncan $18.7 Zydrunas Ilgauskas -$1.9M
Michael Redd $18.3 Brad Miller -$1.1M
Pau Gasol $17.8 Peja Stojakovic $1.6M
Andre Kirilenko $17.8 Al Harrington -$1.7M
Gilbert Arenas $17.7 Andres Nocioni -$4.2M
Yao Ming $17.7 Darius Songaila -$6.7M
Zach Randolph $17.3 Ben Godon $310,000

Source: Forbes

I’m a little skeptical on the methodology of how Forbes determined their player value, since they were somewhat opaque on the calculation.  Just going on what I see in the NBA nightly, I have a hard time believing a guy has had less impact on his team while costing them more than Agent Zero.  It’s a good point of conversation anyhow.

The NBA’s Highest-Paid Players

The NBA’s Most Overpaid Players

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