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New Podcast over at Daily Thunder

TGR #28: James Harden’s Coming Out Party

Give it a listen.

And to answer their question – Maynor.


Game 10 Results: Sweet

Final Score:  Thunder 115, Jazz 108

Record: 6-4

Division Record: 3-1

Stat leaders

Points: Deron Williams with 31, Durant with 30

Rebounds: Ibaka with 11, Millsap with 6

Assists: Deron Williams with 11, Westbrook with 7

There are  82 games in a season, of which we have now completed 10 (12%). With so many games, it is easy to see patterns emerge.  Yet, you look for things to slowly change, and you search for subtle signs that may have hidden meaning.  A turning point, even.

Midway through the 1st quarter, the Thunder once again found themselves down by 12 to a well tuned opponent.   And we the observant viewers think, “I know how this ends.”

But then, something happened that was different.

“Tonight we left it on the floor, and we can go home and tell ourselves we improved today.” – Scott Brooks

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