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1/3 Daily Links

A new year, and new links.  That’s called symmetry, baby.

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • In re: the whole Westbrook kerfluffle (kerfuffle if you’re Scottish) – meh.  Seriously, meh.  Players do that kind of crap all the time; they care way more about statistics than we the viewers think they should, even though we too care way more about their statistics than we ought to, say, in comparison to our monthly credit card statement balance, for example.  Players chase personal milestones all the time, and we applaud them for it.  How many of us were excited about Durant going for 50 in the win against the Nuggets on Christmas Day?At the end of the day, I imagine the conversation between Coach Brooks and Westbrook went something like this:

    Brooks: “When you do stuff like that, it means you’re loosing focus on what we’re really trying to do here.”

    Russ: “Yeah coach, you’re right.  Point taken.  See you at practice.”

    End of story. Right?


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