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12/30 Daily Links

Strong win last night; let’s hope they make it two in a row tomorrow.

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • Shoals makes an astute observation about the place that Durant finds himself within.  Westbrook has and will carry the load at times; that’s what we’ve learned about him this year.  He can elevate his offense when it is needed.  What we have also learned is that there have only been two point men in the last 10 years that can be the center of an offense and see it thrive: pre-injury Chris Paul, and Jason Kidd.  For everyone else, it becomes a game of tug of war – the PG’s offense at the expense of others.
  • I enjoyed the piece on Harden, and I like that he’s generating some notice around the league on something other than his Leonidas beard.  It seems trivial now, but I think that The Dunk signaled a change in him.  It was kind of like the first time Paul Millsap figured out that he was good at 3-pointers, or when Joey Chestnut realized he was awesome at eating things.  Harden figured out he liked it, and wanted some more of that sweet, sweet action.  Combine that with a now very solid starter-reserve rotation, where guys are getting used to other guys, and it seems like Harden now understands what his team needs from him.

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