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Billionaires of the NBA

Forbes sports and money is back with more in-depth profiles of the men who bring you the NBA franchises.  You can read the full story by Forbes here.

Fitzgerald: “The Rich are different from us.”

Hemmingway: “Yes, they have more money.”

*I know this is apocryphal, but I like it all the same

Owner Team Net Worth ($B) Notes
Mickhail Prokhorov NJ Nets $13.4 The white knight entrusted to bring the franchise to Brooklyn.
Paul Allen Portland Trailblazers $12.7 MSFT co-founder also owns the Seattle Seahawks.
Philip Anshutz LA Lakers $7.0 Owns 1/3 of the Lakers. Trying to bring NFL team to LA.
Richard DeVos Orlando Magic $4.3 Knows how to sell stuff.
Mickey Arison Miami Heat $4.1 Made a little wager this summer. Perhaps you heard of his Decision.
Stan Kroenke Denver Nuggets $2.7 Will fall off this list as he divests the Nuggets so that he can purchase the St. Louis Rams.
Mark Cuban Dallas Mavs $2.5 Don’t forget how awful the Mavs were before Cube showed up.
Glen Taylor Minnesota Timberwolves $2.2 Made fortune in data storage.  Also hired Khan. Perhaps a wash.
Michael Heisley Memphis Grizzlies $1.6 Looking to sell.  May have discovered there are no Grizzlies residing in TN.
Herbert Simon Indiana Pacers $1.25 Bought Pacers for $11M, which today couldn’t even get you a decent G550 Gulfstream.

Source: Forbes.com



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