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Game 30 Results: Knicked Up

Final Score: Knicks 112, Thunder 98

Record: 20-10

Stat Leaders:

Points: Durant with 26, Stoudemire with 23

Rebounds:  Landry Fields with 10, Sefolosha with 6

Assists: Raymond Felton with 10, Westbrook with 5

We’ve said it before; bad basketball (not merely playing badly) catches up to you.

Here are the three statistics that resonated with me tonight:

  1. Team assists: Knicks 30, Thunder 15
  2. Fast break points: Knicks 16, Thunder 5
  3. Thunder – 22 offensive rebounds

What this tells me is that despite the Thunder’s ability to generate a LOT of extra offensive possessions, their offensive inefficiency eventually did them in.  Granted, they gave up 112, and that’s about 12 points too much for their normal fare.  But from an offensive effectiveness standpoint, the Thunder simply couldn’t keep pace with the Knicks.

I don’t think this was a bad loss per se, at least not on the level of the Suns loss (which wasn’t all that terrible either).  What it tells me though is that the Thunder are still going to struggle against offensive teams that have a specific game plan in place.  Just like the as the Thunder spent most of Sunday night’s loss chasing the Suns’ effective game plan, so it went against the Knicks.

I think the Knicks this year might have 50 wins in them.  I think the Thunder do too; but does a win always equal a win? Time will tell.


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