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I Have the Power! Week 8 Power Rankings

Not elite yet; no, not after that Suns loss.  But they’re knocking.  They’re currently tied for 1st in the NW division, but it would be hard to argue that they’re better than the other top dogs in the west at this point (Lakers/Spurs/Mavs) or the duo in the East (Celtics/Heat).  Seven feels just about right.  Thunder-Jazz-Bulls; that’s a good debate right there.

From Around the NBA:

    ESPN – Hollinger 11 (11) The Suns loss was abysmal, and hurt their overall standing.
    ESPN – Stein 9 (9) Stein shocked at seeing the Thunder lose a close one.
    NBA.com 6 (6) Defense has improved, despite what the Suns loss might indicate.
    SportsIllustrated 7 (8) If you can’t stop the Suns in December…
    CBS Sports 8 (10) Thunder standing pat on the trade front. Encouraging?
    ProBasketballTalk 6 (8) Winning close ones; will it even out?
    Hoopsworld 7 (7) The slow start is a thing of the past.
    Hoops Karma 10 (8) Not impressed with their recent wins.
    FoxSports 8 (9) 3-point shooting and defense are the chronic issues.
    Covers 8n/a (6) Christmas is coming.
    SB Nation 6 (5) Maintaining playoff position.
    Dime Mag 6 (8) If only Durant would abandon the 3-ball.

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