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12/21 Daily Links

It’s cold outside.  Take it away, Dean.

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • Mayberry’s assessment of Durant is sound.  I was thinking the same thing as Durant played noticeably better in the 4th quarter of the Suns game.  For the first time this season, he looked like he had some hop in his step and was able to get to open spaces and elevate much better.  He hit what I call “4th quarter shots” (it’s trademarked, don’t steal it).  When the Thunder absolutely had to score, Durant was knocking it down.  Sadly, it was his desire to do something he can’t do; that is, take a man off the dribble 30 feet away from the rim, that contributed to the Thunder coming up just short.I like how Durant went back to his personal drawing board to take a look at his mechanics, working to correct what is wrong.  He isn’t going to turn into Kobe overnight, but it is the necessary kind of self-criticism that allows players to get better.
  • I think Van Gundy is right; the promise of a 60 win season was always out of the realm of possibility.  If the Thunder played in the Eastern Conference I’d have given it more credence, but in the West, where they would have to contend with the likes of the Lakers, Mavs, Spurs, Jazz, and other above-average teams, only losing 22 times was a bit of a pipe dream.  Keep in mind two that last year’s champs only won 57 games in the regular season, and the team they beat won 50.
  • Defense, defense, defense.

If I ever hit a $20,000 shot, the first thing I too will do is go look to chest-bump a bison.


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