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12/20 Daily Links

Lick your wounds, hope springs eternal as the Bobcats are up on the docket this Tuesday.

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • I like Collison and what he brings to the game each and every night.  He makes what Bill Simmons once dubbed “Najera-plays.”  That’s cool.  But quotes like this one below tend to irk me.  I don’t think it services anyone, Collison included, to be recognized the way a junior-high coach props up his own kid.  Maybe it’s just me.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough Nick Collisons tonight” – Coach Brooks

  • I really liked Mayberry’s approach in looking at the way combo-guards are now all the rage.   It is certainly good to have so much young talent in the league, because not only does it make things more interesting now, it elevates the importance of the position for the next 10 years as well, as the collection of young talent matures.  There is something truly different about a pure passing PG in the mode of a John Stockton; the approach to the game is different.  Instead of singular action-reaction plays, they instead set the chess board and wait for specific pieces to move.I agree with Mayberry that the biggest advantage that PG’s have gained is due to the elimination hand-checking, which freed up players in open space.  Almost overnight, the high screen and roll became the de facto staple of any team that had an explosive point man.  However, instead of the day when a Stockton or Isaiah Thomas slid into the opening to shoot the 15 footer, we now have guys like Westbrook and Rose who attack the rim.  At this point in time, I think there are only three guys who could qualify as pure passing PG’s:
    • Jason Kidd
    • Steve Nash
    • Chris Paul

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