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12/15 John Hollinger Chat

ESPN’s John Hollinger takes time out of his number crunching schedule to answer some NBA questions.  I’ve excerpted the Thunder specific questions.  You can read the entire transcript here.


Question: I understand the focus on point differential, but should the Thunder get any credit for being 11-1 in close games?

John Holinger: History says no, not really. See every discussion I had with a Mavs fan in 2010, every discussion I had with a Bucks fan in 2008, etc.

Question: Since every team in the NBA now has a trade exception, do they all just cancel out and we start from scratch?

John Hollinger: Well-played. The item of note here is that all these giant exceptions floating around have greatly reduced the value of things like cap space and ending contracts. That’s partly why OKC did the Collison deal, closing off its cap space for the year — they weren’t going to be paid a first-round pick to rent the cap space (or multiple firsts), the way they were in past seasons.

Question: What moves do you see OKC making? They have to do something to get Krstic out of the starting lineup at center.

John Hollinger: OKC is likely to do very little until after the new collective bargaining agreement comes out. They used their cap space in the Collison deal and want to let this core gel a bit more before they shoot for the moon, plus they want to know the new rules because they can’t afford expensive mistakes in this market.

James Harden: Did you know I could dunk?

John Hollinger: Actually yes. The Beard had a few dunks like that last year too, although none as impressive as the facial on Hickson. Going to his left he gets up very quickly.


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