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Simmons’ Book of Basketball Has a Lovely Poster

It looks like part of Simmons’ new paperback edition has a lovely rendition of a portion of his Pyramid of Greatest Players.  There is no way I can come close to listing all 96  of his complete Pyramid, but I think I did pretty well on this sub-set.  Take a look to see how many artistic portrayals you can identify.

Bill Simmons’ Book of Basketball Poster

If you want to try your hand at seeing how many of his Pyramid you can remember, you can follow this link:


Can you Name the Players in Bill Simmons’ Basketball Pyramid?


One response to “Simmons’ Book of Basketball Has a Lovely Poster

  1. Zorgon December 14, 2010 at 3:42 am

    Got 41 on my first try via face recognition only, not too bad. Got mostly modern and 90s guys, with a few historical guys here and there. Don’t care much for the pyramid’s rankings itself, though. I’m of the opinion that Oscar Robinson is the best basketball player ever, followed by George Mikan.

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