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This One Deserved Its Own Post

Everybody has been waiting for this James Harden moment.  The moment when he stopped playing so passive, when he stopped trying to work the little finger-rolls, when he stopped taking it to the rim looking for the foul from the contact that inevitably comes from ALL NBA games, and started looking to attack people.

Harden is a finesse guy.  He’s got smooth, silky moves that look for seams rather than the Westbrook method, which is more like Tabasco sauce to Harden’s cool ranch dressing.  We didn’t know he had it in him.

Let’s take a look:

You know what? Watch it again.

My goodness, it practically brings a tear to my eye.

It isn’t just the facial Harden served on Hickson with the game still relatively undetermined.  It is the way Harden decided to attack when he was still 50 feet away from the rim.  And it is especially because of the way his teammates reacted.  You can tell that they really like the guy, that they’ve seen things in him that he hadn’t yet brought to a game, and they had been waiting for this moment.  And when it finally happened, they were elated.  The dunk thrills me; the teammates’ love for their teammate brings me joy.

And this is a sweet facial reaction:

/virtual high-five


I offer to you my James Harden Gold Card.


4 responses to “This One Deserved Its Own Post

  1. Zorgon December 13, 2010 at 2:13 am

    More of this Harden, please!

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  3. Dan December 16, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    His expression looks like, “hey that was fun. I should do that more often.” Like he just discovered he has claws or something.

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