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Game 25 Preview: Cavaliers at Thunder

The 1976 team is probably more interesting than the current version.

Tipoff: 7:00PM EST

Game Preview

Key Players

Mo Williams: 14.6 ppg, 5.9 apg

Antawn Jamison: 12.8 ppg, 5.7 rpg

The Thunder are coming off of a tenacious win where they bested a conference rival that was out for revenge from an earlier loss.  The Cavs are coming off a horrific beatdown by the so-far disappointing Houston Rockets, and the Cavs have now dropped seven in a row.

The fact is, we all know what happened to the Cavs over these past six months.  They’re the jilted lover, scorned by the future Mr. Whatever-he-may-ascend-to.  I for one anticipated something along the lines of a Ewing Theory miracle in the making.  What we all didn’t expect was a wilting flower, but it really just could be because they really have so little talent that they can’t even hope to compete with 80% of the teams in the league on most nights.  Against a competent team, their best hope is that said team comes out flat and uninterested, and they sprint a surprise.

We need to look back to what I consider to be their worst loss of the season, game 4 against the Clippers.

Tonight’s game will simply be decided by how well the Thunder can avoid malaise.


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