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12/8 Daily Links

Rebound game tonight against the Wolves.  Prepare yourself by reading everything that I’ve posted here. It leads to a more fulfilling existence.  At least I’m banking on it, anyway.

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • I like to see good guys succeed.  By all accounts, James Harden is a good guy.
  • Interesting prognosis for Mr. Green.  I could totally see the Knicks chasing him in the off-season, because that is what the Knicks do.  However, I think it’s more interesting from a macro view of how the league values him.  Carmelo Anthony is currently the big fish that playoff teams are going to chase.  He will demand max dollars.  However, if a team can’t get him (Chicago?), could Green become a valuable but more affordable alternative?  ‘Melo will be looking for a new contract in 2011, and it will likely (a priori) be in that $16-$18 million per year range for max years.  In lieu of ‘Melo though, would it be more prudent to chase a player like Green, who will probably get around half that amount but provide around 80% of the same offense?  That could be the sweet spot for the Jeff Green sweepstakes.


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