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Simmons’ Book of Basketball

Bill Simmons is releasing the paperback version of his opus to the NBA.  In all seriousness, if you’re a fan of the NBA this book really needs to be on your book shelf.  More a reference book than a narrative, it is an excellent work dedicated to, as Simmons describes it, “The Question.”  What is “The Question?” None other than Isaiah Thomas answers it, so read the book.

Here is a tasty excerpt from the new edition, pertaining to Durant and Greg Oden:

What if Portland had taken Kevin Durant over Greg Oden?

If you followed Durant in college, you knew about his work ethic, leadership, character and scoring DNA. I thought Durant was a genetic freak: like Tracy McGrady crossed with Plastic Man, someone God created to make baskets and get to the line. Oden left you hoping he stayed healthy, hoping basketball would become more important to him, hoping his spotty college year wasn’t an aberration, hoping he developed a low-post game and a killer instinct … for a sure thing, you sure were doing a lot of hoping.

Order the book here.


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