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I Have the Power! Week 6 Power Rankings

The Thunder are still a solid tier below the elites of the NBA (Spurs, Celtics, and now the Mavs) but are holding steady.  Click through to each of the rankings to see how the top tier of the league is breaking down.

From Around the NBA:

    ESPN – Hollinger 15 (14) Avg. scoring margin still negative.
    ESPN – Stein 8 (9) Kids these days.
    NBA.com 8 (8) Only Cleveland has regressed more defensively.
    SportsIllustrated 10 (7) Westbrook leads the league in turnovers with 91, or over 4 per.
    CBS Sports 12 (8) Thunder searching for more consistency.
    ProBasketballTalk 9 (9) Fear the reaper.
    Hoopsworld 8 (8) As strong on the road as at home.
    Hoops Karma 10 (5) Searching for consistency.
    FoxSports 10 (7) Things still promising despite recent struggles.
    Covers 9 (7) Slippery.
    SB Nation 5 (5) Negative FG differential, point differential is zero.
    Dime Mag 7 (7) Distinguishing between Durant & Westbrook.

One response to “I Have the Power! Week 6 Power Rankings

  1. M December 9, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    Thanks for the summary. I don’t go looking for these or put much weight on them but I see they average about 9th best. That could be too low or too high but for the moment I’d say it is pretty close to splitting the difference appropriately.

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