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12/3 Daily Links

Hopefully the Thunder kids are staying warm in Toronto today.  They try to stay perfect this season against the Eastern Conference on the road (6-1 record against East total).

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • The Thunder have endured more injuries this year than all of last year.  And yet, without Durant, they are 3-0.
  • The road is an interesting place to be for teams, and it effects the dynamic in a myriad of ways.  It seems to me that thus far this season, away games have helped the Thunder because it has forced them to build camaraderie and focus at a higher level than when they’re at home.  They’ve had bigger wins (Portland, Boston), played better defense, and had fewer turnovers when they are in the opponents’ gyms.
  • A few choice quotes from the above articles:

“He’s a very talented kid, but he works like he doesn’t have talent” – Coach Brooks on Westbrook


“I swear, 12th grade, he couldn’t dunk … he was barely dunking. He wasn’t doing nothing he’s doing now.” – DeMar DeRozen on Westbrook




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