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The 12 Best Sports Agents in the World

Apropos of nothing, here is a list of the top 12 sports agents as compiled by BusinessInsider.

The article relates to the Thunder because currently #’s 4 and 5 represent Russell Westbrook and James Harden, respectively, and Jeff Green is represented by the legendary (though not appearing on this list) David Falk.  All three of these players are still in their rookie contracts, so Mr. Presti is going to be dealing with all of them in the very near future.

The 12 Best Sports Agents In the World

Six of  the men on the list represent NBA players, a surprising number since NBA franchises operate under a soft salary cap (but with stiff penalties for overage).  Here are the sports agents appearing in the list that represent NBA players.

I gotta say, good work Messrs. Tellem and Austin, that’s some good hustle right there.

Rank Agent Agency Top Athlete Top Contract
#4 Arn Tellem WMG Management Joe Johnson (ATL) $124M
#5 Rob Pelinka Landmark Sports Agency Kobe Bryant (LAL) $83.5M
#6 Bill Duffy BDA Sports Management Carmelo Anthony (DEN) $80M
#9 Leon Rose CAA LeBron James (MIA) $110M
#10 Dan Fegan Lagadère Unlimited Dwight Howard(Orl) $80M
#11 Jeff Austin Octagon Rudy Gay (Mem) $80M

Source: BusinessInsider.com


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