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I Have the Power! Week 5 Power Rankings

Little movement for the Thunder this past week, with the exception of Hoops Karma.  Bigger movement is at the top of each ranking, so be sure to click through to each.

From Around the NBA:

    ESPN – Hollinger 12 (13) His metrics point to an uncomfortable meeting with unsustainability.
    ESPN – Stein 9 (8) LeBron & Westbrook have something in common.
    NBA.com 8 (8) Ranking prior to last night’s game, a ranking in which the Hornets were 1 spot ahead.
    SportsIllustrated 7 (8) Defensive expectations have not been met, but the team is showing signs.
    CBS Sports 8 (5) Upcoming Dec. schedule is soft; good time to surge in the standings.
    ProBasketballTalk 9 (5) Lament on missed opportunities.  Good teams blow out bad teams.
    Hoopsworld 8 (7) What a difference a conference makes.
    Hoops Karma 10 (5) Big drop.  Next chunk of the schedule looks soft.
    FoxSports 7 (9) Salvaging the back-to-back with the NO win was huge.
    Covers 7 (6) Remember where the team was a year ago.
    SB Nation 6 (6) Still have a negative point differential.
    Dime Mag 7 (5) Westbrook at the top of his game.

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