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11/27 Daily Links

Let’s hope that Jeff Green didn’t suffer too badly in his fall late in the game (still knocked down two critical FT’s).  Rest up, heading to Houston.

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • A few things that Mayberry caught that I did not, and are worth repeating:
    • Byron Mullens came in when the Thunder were down 14 and he was charged with dealing with Roy Hibbert.  For some odd reason Hibbert looked like the second coming of Olajuwon while matched up against Ibaka and Green.  Mullens got the job done, shutting Hibbert off while the Thunder began their comeback.
    • Ibaka is a natural power forward and was terribly out of place going up against Hibbert.  Any negatives that would appear from his stat line should be mitigated by this fact.
    • Sefolosha continues to make key plays that fly under the radar.  Another 10 boards from the shooting guard spot, plus timely offense.  I really like the way he’s finding his niche in this offense.  Good teams need guys like him.
  • Excellent point from Daily Thunder regarding OKC’s ability to not give in to runs while they were playing from behind.  It seemed like there were a few moments where they were vulnerable to the Pacers running away with the game, and each time they kept in it through solid possessions and good rebounding.  They kept chipping and chipping, showing excellent patience throughout the 4th quarter.

Notable indeed.


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