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11/25 Daily Links

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat, drink, be merry.  Football today, Thunder on Friday.  We’re still at 10-5.

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • I think Mayberry’s comment about the Thunder’s attitude after the loss is worrisome.  The Mavs got hot, yes.  Dirk tore them up, yes.  But what we have on the Thunder’s side of things is a continued collapse after three quarters of competency.  Westbrook – 9 assists in the 1st quarter, and barely any the rest of the game?  Jeff Green – 14 in the first half, and three the rest of the game? It’s almost as if they’re making anti-half-time adjustments.
  • A good point about missed opportunities.  There have been a number of them this season – a 10 point lead with the opponent on the ropes, and instead of knocking them out, the Thunder allow them to hang around and make the game closer than it should be.  I have to believe that this is just the seasoning of a young team; it takes experience and maturity to understand how and when to go for it.
  • I’m saying it now – Jeff Green’s upside is that of Eddie Johnson.  That isn’t an insult.  Johnson was a top flight scorer for 17 seasons.  But it’s best to recognize Green for what he is.

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