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I Have the Power! Week 4 Power Rankings

Let’s take a walk around the online world to see where the Thunder fit in.

From Around the NBA:

    ESPN – Hollinger 13 (14) And yet still behind the Bucks, whom the Thunder beat whilst shorthanded.
    ESPN – Stein 8 (14) Ponders if Durant’s negatives are causing problems.
    NBA.com 8 (11) Note the wide disparity between the Thunder’s best O and best D.
    SportsIllustrated 8 (12) Westbrook getting the nod over Durant here too.
    CBS Sports 5 (15) Struggling assists team finally breaks it open with 29.
    ProBasketballTalk 5 (12) Swagger: Returned
    Hoopsworld 7 (11) Westbrook, team MVP?
    Hoops Karma 5 (13) Measuring the “right now” vs. the long term.
    FoxSports 9 (11) Talent is there, chemistry is not.
    Covers 6 (10) Staying power.
    Dime Mag 5 (8) Notes that Westbrook is at his best when he’s not the go-to.
    Huge push to the top third of the rankings this week.  I can’t wait to see how the Thunder hold up against the Mavs & Hornets.  Should be great to watch.

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