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Forbes came out with a few interesting lists about NBA players.  Let’s take a look.

Highest Paid Player Salary ($M) Overpaid Player Value
Kobe Bryant $24.8 Rashard Lewis $248,000
Rashard Lewis $20.5 Jermaine O’Neal $5.3M
Kevin Garnett $18.8 Elton Brand $576,000
Tim Duncan $18.7 Zydrunas Ilgauskas -$1.9M
Michael Redd $18.3 Brad Miller -$1.1M
Pau Gasol $17.8 Peja Stojakovic $1.6M
Andre Kirilenko $17.8 Al Harrington -$1.7M
Gilbert Arenas $17.7 Andres Nocioni -$4.2M
Yao Ming $17.7 Darius Songaila -$6.7M
Zach Randolph $17.3 Ben Godon $310,000

Source: Forbes

I’m a little skeptical on the methodology of how Forbes determined their player value, since they were somewhat opaque on the calculation.  Just going on what I see in the NBA nightly, I have a hard time believing a guy has had less impact on his team while costing them more than Agent Zero.  It’s a good point of conversation anyhow.

The NBA’s Highest-Paid Players

The NBA’s Most Overpaid Players


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