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11/24 Daily Links

Huge game tonight against the surging Mavericks (cue Top Gun music)

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • I liked the comparison between where the Thunder were a few years ago and where the Timberwolves are right now.  I was anticipating a little bit easier win against the Wolves, but was impressed by their surprising level of talent.  The combination of Beasley, Love, and the reborn Darko is a very potent front line.  Offensively, it seems like their 3-headed PG hydra is not yet adept enough at taking advantage though.  Ridnour finished with a decent stat line against the Thunder, but it was in the early going, before Darko and Love warmed up, that their offensive play really put them in a hole.  The Wolves’ PG situation regarding Ricky Rubio is well documented, although I don’t really know if he would have been a star in the NBA or not.  What does matter the most is, the current edition of the NBA is placing a premium on high quality PG play, and the Wolves aren’t getting it.  But there is something there; the team isn’t the hopeless void that it has been in years past.  There is reason for hope.
  • I’m ecstatic that other people are starting to notice that Ibaka is more important this year than people realized going in.  This is my strongest assertion – the Thunder cannot beat the Lakers and Spurs with Green playing at the 4.  The Spurs are too smart and the Lakers are too talented.  The Lakers proved last year that, if your goal is to just try to run with them and outscore them, they will eventually figure out a way to beat you at your own game (See: Phoenix Suns).  Ibaka’s success at the PF spot is going to be a year-long thermometer as to how well the Thunder are going to play in the regular season as well as the playoffs.

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