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With the Thunder’s next big test coming up tonight, a rematch of their home loss to the Celtics, the great and legendary Jeff Clark at CelticsBlog has challenged me to a Twitter throw-down – to Tweet the Thunder roster using 160 characters or less.

A reductioadabsuro-tonitrus, as it were.

Here, I give to you Mr. Clark’s attempt at harnessing, by the power of brevity, the Celtics roster:

  1. Ray Allen – best. shooter. ever.
  2. Avery Bradley – best case = future Rondo backup; worst case = JR Giddens
  3. Marquis Daniels – out of Tony Allen’s shadow – that sounds ominous
  4. Glen Davis – taking charges is the new blocked shot
  5. Semih Erden – Semih charmed kind of life
  6. Kevin Garnett – sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here
  7. Luke Harangody – NOT Brian Scalabrine, …unfortunately, I miss that guy
  8. Jermaine O`Neal – some re-assembly required
  9. Shaquille O`Neal – having a blast, still a beast, Kobe is waiting
  10. Kendrick Perkins – don’t open till Christmas, then look out
  11. Paul Pierce – still the Truth, you still can’t handle him
  12. Nate Robinson – Donkey to Big Baby’s Shrek – perfect
  13. Rajon Rondo – MVP candidate – there, I said it
  14. Von Wafer – renting, not buying
  15. Delonte West – the Prodigal Son returns

My turn

  1. Cole Aldrich – Promising instincts, needs big man tutor.
  2. Nick Collison – He’s back! Relief.  Amazing to think a guy playing 20 min per could matter so much.
  3. Daequan Cook – Missing his chance.  11th man in a 10 man deep roster.
  4. Kevin Durant – Basketball is Good-Will-Hunting-easy for him; no idea how great he can become.
  5. Jeff Green – About to get contract-squeezed; can be 6th man of the year if willing.
  6. James Harden – Jack of all trades searching for a kingdom.
  7. Serge Ibaka – Who wants to sex Ibaka?
  8. Royal Ivy – Solid play = appreciating trade chip.
  9. Nedad Krstic – Antidote for post defenders who don’t want to move.
  10. Eric Maynor – Best 3-shooter; will play critical role as as backup PG as season progresses.
  11. Byron Mullens – Better O than D; would benefit with some more D-league.
  12. Morris Peterson – At $6.6mm per, needs to be more than chronic DNP.
  13. Thabo Sefolosha – Quiet solid defender; shooting confidence grown since team’s O has improved.
  14. Russell Westbrook – Team MVP.
  15. D.J. White – Solid backup; consistent minutes translated into consistent performance.

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