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Bill Simmons on the Western Conference

Bill Simmons has a new column up today that takes a look at the Western Conference, and ranks the teams from worst to first.

Part I

Part II

It is best to read the entire two-parter, but it’s good to note that he currently sees the Thunder as the #6 seed in the west, which if things shake out according to his predictions would likely pit them against the Hornets or Jazz in the first round of the playoffs.  Prognostication is fun!

Here are a few choice quotes:

Young team, tons of hype, overachieved a little last year, failed to improve last summer, slipped defensively, too predictable offensively…In my defense, I thought James Harden was the No. 3 pick in the 2009 draft and might be better than an 11th man.

…The concern with Harden? He might be another Marvin Williams: solid player, good character guy, a borderline starter … but ultimately pretty forgettable (other than his Kimbo Slice beard). How would you even describe him?

…Sam Presti’s thinking seems to be “There’s no rush, we have plenty of time.” But Durant is a superstar right now. Westbrook is one of the league’s best guards right now. How do we know those two realities will remain in place in five years?


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