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11/15 Daily Links

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • Statistically, the Thunder are bad defensively.  They don’t communicate, they don’t get key stops, and they aren’t physical.  A leopard cannot change his spots, but what can be done to correct them?  I think this is more of a coaching issue than a player focus issue.
  • Westbrook is a nice player.  LeBron James is one of a kind, an evolutionary Dr. J.  Let’s keep things in perspective.
  • As of today, Thunder are looking at a 7 seed (probably).   Right now you’re going to definitely get:
    • Three teams out of the Southwest (Hornets, Spurs, Mavs)
    • One team out of the Pacific (Lakers)
    • Two teams out of the Northwest (Jazz, Blazers)
  • This leaves two spots that will be up for grabs between the Thunder, Warriors, Suns, and Nuggets.  I expect that Denver will end up trading ‘Melo, which will knock them out of the running.  Ultimately, the remaining three teams will be jostling for position for those two remaining spots.  I think the Thunder will be in that group, but as to where, I’m still not sure how they compare to the Warriors and Suns.

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