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11/9 Daily Links

And on the Thunder’s second off-day between games, they bought conversion vans.

Do Sportsmen of the Year drive conversion vans? Maybe.

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • I like the focus on Chris Paul’s play this year, and the Hornets’ resurgence.  I also love the fact that (at least in my mind) it is because there are so many other good/great PG’s in the game right now, and Paul wants to reassert himself as the best once more.
  • The lack of bench play is something that needs closer consideration, and it is something I haven’t thought too much on.  I would have to think though it is because bench guys are needed to fill more specific roles on a night to night basis, where they know when they’re coming in to play, and why.  With so many other facets slightly off kilter, I would think that the poor bench play is a residual of that, and not necessarily a cause for its own concern at this point.
  • Jeff Green, get your rest.  Portland and San Antonio are coming for you this weekend.
  • I would think more of the strained relations between Durant and Garnett if I weren’t already convinced that KG goes temporarily insane during the regular season.  He’s also notorious for being tough on youngsters.

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