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11/3 Daily Links

Game time tonight.  A great measure of a team’s resolve is how they respond from defeat.

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • The Spurs beat the Clippers for a 17th consecutive game.  That is impressive enough, and speaks both to superior personnel as well as a long standing familiarity with success that the Clippers have barely scratched during their entire existence.
  • The Spurs’ bench had outscored the Clippers’ bench by a score of 25-0 by the time the 4th quarter had started.  In other words, the Clippers aren’t very deep.
  • This game will probably be more about what is wrong with the Clippers than what is right (or needs to be right) with the Thunder. Even so, it’s always nice to play a JV team from time to time.
  • Simmons riffed on the Clippers’ young superstud, Blake Griffin.  He’s already saying that Griffin is starting to exhibit “the stink” of the Clippers.

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