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11/1 Daily Links

Post-debacle thoughts

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • Sometimes, the additional space (2 off days) between a blow-out and the next game is good.  It is a chance to regroup, study film, find your groove, etc.  Other times, it is not as helpful, as the team is eager to get back onto the court to erase the bad memory.  I think that the key to the feeling the team has is directly related to how pissed off they are for the way played.  Losses can either make you hungry, or make you complacent.
  • A ranking after 3 games?  Seventh? Eh, why not?
  • It’s always easier to effuse praise after you’ve schooled another man.  But then again…quid pro quo baby.
  • I am a FreeDarko fan and I appreciate Shoals’ insight, but an underlying tone in his analysis is that this situation is somehow unfair to Green.  I look at the world through an economic lens.  It has nothing to do with fairness.  It’s a question of value.   Shoals’ question may be rhetorical, but the answer isn’t – Green is not going to get HIS money.  This is because it is not in fact HIS money until the someone Cuts the Check (CTC).  His money will be whatever the market will bear, given economic and fiscal reality.  Now, if the question is, is Green a $6 million a year guy (which is what his current level would hold true to) or is he a $10 million a year guy?  Is he more of a Steve Nash value guy, or a Jared Jeffries?  Well, that question has some merit.  In another vein, what is Green’s replacement value? If Green were to demand $10 million on the market, could OKC find another guy, or even 2 guys, for 2/3 of that amount that could give them the same production?
    • Green is a nice player, and he seems to have an innate feel for the game.  That said, there are plenty of 6’9″ guys who want to play on the wing.  The Thunder have decided who their core will be for the next 5 years, and Green isn’t in it.  He’s essentially playing for a big contract somewhere else.
    • Is that sad? That is reality.  But is it unfortunate?  If misfortune is banking $10 million a year, then I say, “yes.”

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