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10/29 Daily Links

Durant is featuring some new kicks.  Kind of a big deal for shoe lovers everywhere, as well as Phil Knight’s bottom line.

What the pros are saying:

What I’m saying:

  • There is nothing like a little spice in personal match-ups.  The two that immediately come to my mind are the early on LeBron-‘Melo battles and the first two years that Deron Williams and Chris Paul were in the league.  Competition plus validation seeking equals some fine spectacle.  And now we have Westbrook vs. Rose.
  • The greatest thing that can happen for Westbrook is for the idea to continue to be pushed that Rose is the superstar PG of his generation.  It is a spectacular (spectaaaacular – Marv Albert tm) paradox, where a player can only continue to be the best by being convinced that people consider him second best.
  • As wonderfully quick and improvisational as Rose is, he will still be incomplete, just as Rajon Rondo is, until he has a reliable outside shot.  You could tell that he was forcing the issue against the Thunder, as if to say, “look, I can shoot now.”  He can’t actually shoot now.
  • Kid Rock might be the finest cliche driven artist around.  His songs are delightfully hackneyed and shallow and yet I enjoy them when they come on the radio.

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